ATDI - Solutions in Radio Communications
ATDI provides answers when radio is in question

ATDI provides answers when radio is in question

The company’s software suite has been in continuous development for 25 years.

Consultancy services support customers in every industry sector.

ATDI engineers have expertise that is trusted and respected across the world.

Regulators, armed forces, companies and emergency services rely on ATDI.

ATDI has the software and the expertise for controlling spectrum, modelling a system or planning a network.

 ATDI – advanced radiocommunications

ATDI – advanced radiocommunications

Every radio sector uses ATDI software and consultancy services.

ATDI’s reputation has stood strong for over a quarter of a century.

For 25 years, the radio industry has relied on ATDI’s software and expertise. ATDI has provided radio solutions on every continent.

Customer needs, including budgetary and timing constraints, are always met.

ATDI can work in any environment – technical, physical and political.

Your new career starts here

Your new career starts here

ATDI has climbed mountains to get to the top.

Now the company is looking for someone who is not afraid to help it scale even greater peaks.

ATDI needs a technical sales manager as it continues to expand its global business. Based near to Gatwick Airport, the position come with an attractive package but also the challenge of working with ATDI's expert engineers and customers spanning every sector of radiocommunications.

People who are most comfortable at base camp need not apply.

Apply today via our Careers page

ATDI Online Web Tools

Welcome to ATDI Online, a range of applications as web services. All calculators are currently free of charge.

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5 May

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New horizons at ATDI UK

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ATDI thrives on people.

The company’s finest tool is its engineering expertise.

Its greatest resource is the knowledge gained from 25 years of working with customers.

Its understanding is its unparalleled insight of the impact of spectrum scarcity on radio users.


ATDI’s business is about people – people as customers, people as employees and people as suppliers.

ATDI’s team is experienced, expert and enthusiastic; the customers it works with benefit from those qualities.

Knowledge and software capabilities have been growing for 25 years giving customers an ever-improving service.


ATDI has offices on every continent giving it global knowledge.

ATDI offices work together in an international network that lets expertise flow freely across borders.

ATDI’s global team can apply worldwide resources to a local problem.


ATDI has reached the top through the abilities of its people and we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best people.

Interested in joining a dedicated and competent team of professionals who understand what it takes to get a job done, with the experience and determination to succeed.

People capable of climbing the mountain and living at the summit are always welcome.


ATDI loves to learn from anybody who can strengthen its software or expertise.

ATDI always wants to hear from people and organisations that can help it grow.

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