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Advanced radio planning & spectrum engineering

Advanced radio planning & spectrum engineering

The company’s software suite has been in continuous development for over three decades.

Consultancy services support customers in every industry sector.

ATDI engineers have expertise that is trusted and respected across the world.

Regulators, armed forces, companies and emergency services rely on ATDI.

ATDI has the software and the expertise for controlling spectrum, modelling a system or planning a network.

Consulting services

Consulting services

Every radio sector uses ATDI software and consultancy services.

ATDI’s reputation has stood strong for over a quarter of a century.

For 25 years, the radio industry has relied on ATDI’s software and expertise. ATDI has provided radio solutions on every continent.

Customer needs, including budgetary and timing constraints, are always met.

ATDI can work in any environment – technical, physical and political.

ICS manager - spectrum management solution

ICS manager - spectrum management solution

Spectrum management and monitoring software.

Featuring Web portal > e-Licensing > e-Administration.

Flexible platform to meet current and future needs of civilian and military regulators.

Powerful data engine manages spectrum easily and hierarchially, while continuously monitoring the coherence of data.

Featuring automated process and modules which can be adapted for each field of action or service.



Supplying map data for every country across the globe. Featuring every concievable map resolution.

ICS map server – comprehensive map data toolkit for production and manipulation of data,

Featuring access to online maps,

Supporting Bing maps and export to Google maps plus more…

ICS portal

ICS portal

Scalable eAdministration portal. Managing user accounts and frequency applications for all radio systems.

Smoother user experience.

Simplified data processing.

Customised solutions to meet end user needs in terms of features and cost efficiency.

ICS telecom EV

ICS telecom EV

Advanced radio planning and spectrum engineering.

Planning, modelling and regulating radiocommunications in frequency range 8kHZ to 350 GHz.

Engineering excellence featuring multi-processing and flexible licensing.

Incorporating analysis methods from leading institutions including ITU.

Supporting nearly every concievable radio technology, both existing and new.

HTZ warfare

HTZ warfare

Advanced military radio planning and spectrum engineering to design and optimize military communication networks.

Unique tactical comms and electronic warfare features allow for accurate battlefield communications, advanced mission planning and spectrum managment.

Incorporating analysis methods from leading institutions including ITU.

Used by leading military organisations across the globe.

Managing multiple technologies from VLF to EHF in one project.

ATDI Online Web Tools

Welcome to ATDI Online, a range of applications as web services. All calculators are currently free of charge.

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ATDI thrives on people.

The company’s finest tool is its engineering expertise.

Its greatest resource is the knowledge gained from 25 years of working with customers.

Its understanding is its unparalleled insight of the impact of spectrum scarcity on radio users.


ATDI’s business is about people – people as customers, people as employees and people as suppliers.

ATDI’s team is experienced, expert and enthusiastic; the customers it works with benefit from those qualities.

Knowledge and software capabilities have been growing for 25 years giving customers an ever-improving service.


ATDI has offices on every continent giving it global knowledge.

ATDI offices work together in an international network that lets expertise flow freely across borders.

ATDI’s global team can apply worldwide resources to a local problem.


ATDI has reached the top through the abilities of its people and we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best people.

Interested in joining a dedicated and competent team of professionals who understand what it takes to get a job done, with the experience and determination to succeed.

People capable of climbing the mountain and living at the summit are always welcome.


ATDI loves to learn from anybody who can strengthen its software or expertise.

ATDI always wants to hear from people and organisations that can help it grow.

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