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Silver jubilee, Golden days

ATDI is marking its 25th anniversary by celebrating with customers and community. The company’s UK headquarters, The Beehive – the grade II-listed original control tower for Gatwick Airport – will be the venue for a number of social functions but the focus of the year’s activities will be on giving back to the community. “It builds on [...]


Good things don’t come to an end; they come to a point. ATDI’s ICS suite of planning and modelling tools, honed and sharpened by 25 years of development, is now released in its latest version making it more relevant to customers’ needs than ever. The upgrade includes ICS telecom (v14), ICS designer (v5) and HTZ warfare (v20). “Everything [...]
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ATDI is looking for two people who are up to the challenge of working at the company. “We’re using the word ‘challenge’ because if it was possible to be mediocre and fill these roles, we could have just picked one of the CVs that turn up regularly on spec,” says company managing director Sarah Byrne. “But, [...]

The power of data

A database is the platform on which a company often stands. Knowing how to make full use of that was the theme of the latest FAQ Friday webinar run by ATDI. Led by technical director Nick Kirkman, the session showed delegates from across the radiocommunications sector the capabilities of ATDI’s flagship planning and modelling tool ICS [...]
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5G is coming… in its own time

The radio industry is lining up behind 5G but without standards for the next generation of mobile phone networks the format’s progress is more conceptual than concrete. Partnerships over 5G are burgeoning, with a major one coming in the shape of the co-development pact signed by the EU and Brazil at the Mobile World Congress held [...]

Facebook becomes the latest firm to develop mmWave mesh network

Source: Kane Mumford, Policy Tracker A Facebook employee has filed a patent stating that the firm plans to explore a “next generation data system” to connect devices using millimetre wave (mmWave) radio links as a mesh network. This has been tried before, but could the social media group have found the missing link for rolling it out [...]

New features address intermodulation issues

The power of ATDI’s software suite continues to grow with a new set of features addressing interference caused by intermodulation. Now available in ICS telecom and HTZ warfare, the new functionality helps prevent intermodulation (IM) interference in mobile systems. The feature was developed and tested to identify where train mobiles suffered intermodulation on a GSM-R system. [...]

ATDI’s family of regulators grows again

The range of regulators relying on ATDI now covers every inhabited continent, every trading bloc, and every political system. The latest country to take ATDI software and expertise to help it manage its spectrum resources is Iran. “The physics never changes but the politics, market conditions and culture are different in every country,” says ATDI technical [...]

User group finds fans everywhere

It’s never too late to learn. Actually, sometimes it is but that’s where the recorded version of ATDI’s FAQ Friday comes in handy. Each FAQ Friday session shows online delegates how to get the most from the company’s suite of software tools. Such is the demand for the tips the webinars can impart that audiences are [...]

New spectrum release from MoD?

The Ministry of Defence has been ordered to relinquish assets and the radio industry is eagerly waiting to see whether that will involve spectrum resources. Defence secretary Michael Fallon said this week: “As in any big organisation MOD must not merely be match-fit it must be permanently fit. Every year we should be looking to take [...]
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