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ICS telecom EV – students

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Post-university job prospects can be boosted by learning to use an industry-recognised radio planning tool. 

ATDI’s ICS cloud provides a cost-effective and flexible way of accessing its flagship planning tool, ICS designer, for dedicated hire periods.

ICS cloud


ICS cloud offers users access to a temporary licence featuring:

ICS telecom EV – ATDI’s leading radio planning software

Bing Maps – Microsoft’s web-based maps services

ICS online – sharing of network and radio planning outputs online

Worldwide Builder – a map data toolkit for production and manipulation of data from different sources

Access to library of support documentation and training material – including CBT modules

What does this mean in terms of real user benefits?

  • An affordable solution targeted at students with minimal set up costs
  • Defined hire periods to coincide with study modules and/or projects
  • Ability to gain valuable experience using an industry-recognised software solution and real-time data
  • Outputs which add significant value to academic projects and thesis work
  • Access to a variety of map data sources.

How to proceed?

  • Provide proof of your student status;
  • Identify a designated PC or laptop for duration of hire period;
  • Have a basic understanding of radio engineering and propagation modelling.

In addition, you’ll need to email us the following information:

– student contact details including university, address and contact numbers
– identify payment method – BACS or credit card (5% surcharge)</p>
– extract a MAC address from the designated PC or laptop (details supplied separately)

Terms & Conditions of Use

This offer can be used for academic purposes only. Anyone directly contravening this could be liable for damages.

Proof of student status is required in advance of order acceptance.

For further information or to order your copy sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk

*min three month hire period

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