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Machines exchange data remotely; ATDI ensures the networks exist over which the data can move.

Whether the issue is assuring security or fleet vehicle management, ATDI helps companies successfully monitor assets.

ATDI helps create M2M links even in areas of severely restricted spectrum.


M2M is a fast-paced industry where automation and data sharing are driven by user demands for faster response times and higher bandwidth. M2M technologies stretch across many markets including the utility sector who use smart meters automated meter reading and billing, as well as providing real-time information on peak usage and individual customer consumption. For fleet management, sensors in a vehicle constantly relay location information along with data on the health of the engine. In security, one operator in a central location can monitor buildings scattered across a wide area; enabling the operator to monitor for hazards such as fire or the build up of toxic fumes.

M2M communications can cut staff costs and reduce potential health risks to employees by sharing real-time information on a level that has never been seen before.

The challenge is to make the systems communicate using the available spectrum resources. ATDI brings its knowledge of planning and modelling and spectrum sharing to the issue to ensure investments in this technology bring the intended rewards.

The task of radio network planners is to make the utilities’ communication systems work: in town, in country, in heat, in snow, in flood, indefinitely.

For further details on our product and service offering see attached brochure: M2M Services (1.3 MB)


Key products: Network planning, Map data

Key services: Consultancy, Spectrum engineering

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