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ICS telecom EV streamlines the planning and optimization process for mobile network operators.

It combines mobile network planning and optimization functions and features advanced functions, such as:

  • Link budget calculations
  • Coverage planning (RSRP, 2D/3D)
  • Interference calculations (RSRQ, SINR)
  • Capacity planning (DL/UL throughput)
  • Traffic analysis
  • PCI planning
  • RSI/PRACH planning
  • Automated handover, neighbor list planning and analysis (intra/inter RAT)
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Automated site planning
  • Automated site optimization
  • Automated frequency planning
  • Re-farming frequency bands and inter-system coexistence
  • Transport (microwave) planning

ICS telecom EV is a multi-technology tool encompassing GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi for coverage, capacity, site parameters and neighbor relations planning and optimization.

ICS telecom EV is applicable across all technologies as its main functions are universal. The propagation models utilized in ICS telecom facilitate coverage with a high degree of accuracy with or without the automatic digital map tuning module.

At the calibration stage, this can be tune to improve the final AFP result when drive test measurement files are available.

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