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Network Operators

Pressure on radio resources is greater than ever; so is ATDI’s experience in getting the most from available frequencies.

ATDI is expert in co-existence and spectrum sharing and has 25 years of ensuring network operator demands are met.


The radio spectrum offers only so many resources: there is a finite number of frequencies that can be put to use to transmit voice or data.Specifically, the  rise of wireless broadband means the clamour for spectrum has never been greater.

In an ideal world, each spectrum user would be allocated a frequency distant to those of other users. However, with the current high demand, every frequency has huge value and can rarely be spared just to be a barrier between one user and another.

The challenge, then, is to ensure train-borne Wi-Fi can sit in an adjacent frequency to air traffic control radar – or a LTE network next to a television station – and neither cause interference for the other.

It is the task of ATDI’s planning and modelling software and engineers to ensure that happens.


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