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ATDI’s software suite provides the data that radio frequency consultants need to do their job.

Without accurate design, planning and modelling capabilities, a consultant is in the dark; ATDI’s tools produce the illumination the sector requires.

ATDI’s software suite, expert training and consultancy services are the essential tools for radio frequency planners.


Radio networks are planned, modelled, operated and used, according to the numbers defining signal strength and coverage.

A radio frequency consultant is reliant on establishing network characteristics and advising how they might be adjusted to improve network capacity. But, without the numbers, a consultant is simply guessing; and a guess can be as expensive as it is inaccurate.

ATDI’s flagship planning and modelling suite of software, ICS Telecom are seen as a toolkit for consultants, enabling them to access and serve the industry as a whole, providing expertise and competence often in niche areas.

Radio frequency consultants are comfortable in the knowledge that the software they rely on from ATDI to implement those solutions has been tried and tested across a number of sectors and is already in use with many leading industry players.

Key to success in business for a consultant is staying ahead of the game, guaranteeing accuracy and meeting the needs of industry in areas where expertise is a pre-requisite.


Key products: ICS designer, ICS LT, ICS cloud

Key services: Partners, Training, Map data

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