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System Integrators

ATDI enables system integrators to develop and build robust solutions. It’s the flexibility they offer that is an essential element to operating in partnership with system integrators.

ATDI couples its expertise with its agility to ensure it can work in any situation an integrator needs.


Systems integrators join different – and, occasionally disparate, component parts into a complete solution – that works. To do this they need expertise, both their own and those which they draw from experts and partners.

ATDI regularly fills in vital gaps in the integrator’s knowledge and provides a number of solutions a project to meet fruition, to the benefit of the end user.

No two solutions are the same because no two requirements are ever the same; meaning every solution is unique and customised to meet the end users needs; ATDI’s greatest strength is the ability to tailor solutions – a benefit of being a small and flexible company.


Key products: Radio planning, Spectrum engineering, Spectrum management

Key services: Consultancy, Training, Cartography

Associated articles: Airports, Radars, Indoor coverageManaging White spaces

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