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Radio gives armed forces their operational edge. ATDI makes radio work.

Military planners need software and expertise so that both their hardware and their troops can do their job.

ATDI is trusted across the world to ensure radio functions when lives are at risk.


Post-Cave report the UK Military of Defence assessed its retention and use of spectrum; the key focus was to ensure that its spectrum management practices brought maximum benefits.

The assessment process enabled a comprehensive new strategy to be developed for the management of military frequencies and provided a means of identifying potential bands which could be released for trade and reuse.

ATDI has played an integral part of this process; from the initial audit of military spectrum use to advising and supporting various studies, identifying whether technologies can co-exist, freeing up spectrum for commercial release and the reallocation of spectrum for reuse with other technologies.

ATDI combines its expert consultancy services with trusted software solutions.

The scope of services within the military domain are broad; whether providing expert, professional services in spectrum management, facilitating the management of spectrum resources with software solutions or developing off-the-shelf solutions to enhance the capability of front-line combatants.

ATDI has both the expertise and knowledge to support.


Key products: HTZ warfare, ICS manager, PNC, Map data

Key services: Training, Frequency assignment solutions

Associated articles: Handheld, Training, Co-existence, Drones

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