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2015 as it might be….

2015 as it might be….

2015 as it might be….

ATDI always has at least one eye on the future and, at this time of year, likes to look into the company crystal ball to see what 2015 will hold.

Though the image is a little blurry, these look to be the kind of things 2015 might hold:

*In laboratory conditions, a 6G mobile signal will be established which is so fast users will be able to go to their cloud storage and download files they haven’t uploaded yet.

*Somebody will make an inaccurate statement online and somebody else will stay up all night arguing with them.

*A person who is exceptionally good at remembering all their passwords will, in the same afternoon, forget where they left their phone, their iPad and their laptop.

*A small group of elite Windows-users will be let into the joke Microsoft had in mind when it launched 8. They won’t find it funny.

*A man will be jailed for taking tablets.

*A man who stole a 2015 calendar will get 12 months.

*A man working in a calendar factory will be sacked for taking days off.

*A synonym for “thesaurus” will be found.

*People trying and failing to connect their computer to the Internet will continue to be driven to distraction by that pop-up box suggesting they go online to get help.

*Psychic Fairs will continue to be advertised thereby defeating the point of holding them.

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