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Industry helps ATDI celebrate 25 years

Industry helps ATDI celebrate 25 years

Industry helps ATDI celebrate 25 years

It was a party 25 years in the making.

ATDI celebrated its first quarter-century with an industry gathering at the company’s UK headquarters in The Beehive, Gatwick Airport’s original terminal building.

“We love being surrounded by all the history in The Beehive,” says ATDI managing director Sarah Byrne, “and now we’re making a little history of our own. That’s fantastic in itself and a wonderful platform for us as we set about making our future in tandem with our customers.”

All industry sectors were represented at the event which featured the best of locally-made drinks: award-winning wines from the Ridgeview vineyard in the Sussex village of Ditchling and a commemorative ale produced specially for the event by the Harvey’s brewery in Lewes. “People seem to appreciate both,” Sarah comments.

She adds: “Sir Isaac Newton said he was so far-sighted only because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. It feels a bit like that for us in our anniversary year. Standing on a platform of 25 years of experience gives ATDI a view of the future from the high ground, and while that hasn’t been an easy journey, every step has been made lighter because of our customers.

“Some of them have been with us every inch of the way; some of them only as we approached the summit. But, however many years they have been involved with ATDI, they have added something to us as a company or as people – often both.

“Actually, without them, the journey would not have been worth taking. Solving problems makes us happy, but solving problems for customers and colleagues makes us fulfilled. I offer my thanks to all of them for coming with us this far and for continuing to walk with us as we take the path together into the future.”

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