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5G – Is it worth it?

5G – Is it worth it?

5G – Is it worth it?

The lack of global standards for 5G has been bemoaned by the radiocommunications industry, but it was argued this week that may be a good thing.

ATDI engineers attended the 5G World 2017 conference in London and heard keynote speakers outline the massive investment that the roll out of 5G will entail. But Adrian Scrase, chief technical officer of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, asked: “What are the new revenue streams 5G will enable?” He queried whether there was economic benefit for the industry in pushing hard for 5G’s implementation.

“It’s certainly a question for the industry,” says ATDI UK operations director Paul Grant, “and I do mean for the industry because what has been made absolutely apparent once more at this conference is that 5G is far too big for any one company to tackle alone.”

The 5G World conference was, Paul suggests, a useful forum for various final formats of 5G to be proposed and discussed. He says. “It’s good when the industry can get together and just kick around ideas – though I have to say some felt a lot more viable than others.”

Paul emphasizes that any 5G roll out would require a multitude of disciplines. “It’s not just about planning and modelling companies like ATDI,” he notes. “If, as is being suggested, 5G repeaters would be placed on street furniture like lampposts then mapping companies are an even more essential part of the equation that they are now. And if they are going to deliver ultra-high-resolution maps that will show items as small as lampposts, what are they going to charge for it?

“But, like the rest of the industry, all we can do at present is speculate. None of these issues will become clear until the standards are agreed. The one thing I can say is that whatever the outcome, ATDI will be ready for it.”


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