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A helping hand when most needed

A helping hand when most needed

A helping hand when most needed

An extra pair of hands during a busy period is invaluable in business. ATDI is offering that with its flexible usage options for its key software tools.

Consultancy firm Arup is using ATDI’s planning and modelling tool ICS telecom EV as part of the creation of a new, national network and has taken the software on a year-long hire. Arup’s digital team project manager says: “That gives us access to the software resources we need while we are working on this project without bringing us costs into the long term for software we no longer use.”

ATDI technical director Nick Kirkman adds: “The software ATDI has delivered to Arup and the consultancy services we offer to back up all our customers show the breadth of ATDI’s abilities. This company has never been about just software or just consultancy; it’s the mutually-reinforcing package we can offer that makes us so valued by our customers.”

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