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ATDI exists to support radio spectrum users. The company is expert in planning, modelling, measuring and regulation. The ability to find solutions to customers’ problems is the reason why ATDI is nearly three decades in operation.

ATDI’s business is about people – people as customers, people as employees and people as suppliers. ATDI customers are provided with the best solutions, support and advice by motivated, expert staff who continue to build their knowledge and use it to the benefit of customers.


With software that is in continuous development, a knowledge base that grows daily and the agility to be flexible and innovative, ATDI can address any radiocommunications challenge.

ATDI is part of the ATDI group with offices worldwide. Further information is available via our Corporate brochure (433 downloads) .

ATDI is acccredited with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005. For more information visit: www.iso.org



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