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Sometimes you need a gymnast not a sumo wrestler.

Many companies offer training; only ATDI is small enough and flexible enough to respond to customers’ training needs when they actually need it.

The company has been working with Analysys Mason (AM) on training to support AM’s coverage and capacity planning for an advanced 4G network. “Analysys Mason are world leaders in wireless networks and spectrum consulting and they’ve been using our planning and modelling tool ICS telecom for many years,” comments ATDI managing director Sarah Byrne. “ICS telecom has evolved and grown continuously over its 26 years of development and Analysys Mason asked if we could provide a tailored training course to update staff on the full range of ICS telecom’s latest suite of functions and their application. We definitely share Analysys Mason’s enthusiasm for staff development and their desire to make use of all available facilities, so we set up a course on the topic they chose at a time and place that worked for them.”

ATDI has a long-standing relationship with Analysys Mason and the two companies worked together as part of a consortium providing expert guidance to the UK’s Ministry of Defence over the release of military spectrum assets to the commercial sector as well as other projects in the past.

“There are areas of overlap between the companies but more important is our ability to work together when there is mutual benefit, passing that benefit onto our customers,” Sarah says. “All parties gain from the advantages we can create through the fact that we can share and collaborate.

“We’ve always had an open atmosphere to learning when we work together which means everybody involved can benefit from the knowledge of others and gain a new perspective on an issue. It’s been a pleasure to see an ATDI engineer take away a problem from a joint meeting, get input from others then bring a solution back to the table.

“It’s all about like-minded professionals being able to discuss with each other in the most conducive of atmospheres resulting in the kind of reassurance our customers value so highly.”

Janette Stewart, Principal at Analysys Mason, commented “Strategy and implementation of wireless networks is at the core of Analysys Mason’s consulting work and we appreciate the opportunity to ensure our team are up to speed with the latest developments in ICS telecom.  It is always a pleasure meeting up with the ATDI team and we appreciate the effort that goes into tailoring training to our specific needs”.


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