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Webinar: DTT planning

Webinar: DTT planning

Webinar: DTT planning

Join us for our monthly webinar which focuses on DTT planning. This event aims to review aspects of the transition from analogue to digital and highlight the challenges associated with DTT.

The target audience for this webinar is broadcasters, regulatory authorities and telecom providers

This event will be presented by Lead Engineer, Alex Krasnojen and will be followed by questions from attendees.

Date: Thursday 4 April 2019
Time: 10.00 am GMT
Venue: Online

The programme for this event includes:
–    DTT switchover – overview
–    UK approach
–    Decisions prior to switchover
–    Planning DTT under ITU auspices – Geneva 04/06
–    Planning parameters – SFN/MFN
–    Variants of DTT, MUX capacity
–    Interference analysis
–    International coordination
–    What DTT looks like today – SD/HD
–    Compatibility between DTT and telecom services and spectrum sharing

Attendance to this event is open to industry. Register today

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