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ATDI appoint new MD

ATDI appoint new MD

Cyprien de Cosson takes over as managing director in March 2009 replacing John Berry at the head of the company. Cyprien is currently ATDI’s technical director.

Cyprien assumes his new duties in ATDI’s 13th year and at a time when both the economic climate and radio spectrum management are in periods of unprecedented flux.

“That makes it a great time to be stepping up,” Cyprien states. “What’s required at times like this is continuity and stability. The fact I’ve been at ATDI since its creation means that I can bring with me the element of constancy along with some fresh thinking to meet the new challenges.

“I have learned a great deal from John over the years and he leaves behind a legacy of practicality and effectiveness that I will seek to build on. He also leaves behind an excellent team who, clearly, I am looking forward to working with.”

John adds: “In my 30 years in the radiocommunications industry, I have never known a problem-solver like Cyprien. The fact that he now has even greater scope to exercise his intellect and determination means ATDI could not be in better hands.”

A native of Hampshire, Cyprien studied electrical and electronic engineering at Bristol University before starting as a development engineer with MEL Communications in charge of the design of RF equipment for both civil and military radio communications. He has worked for Thales in the USA and France where he was responsible for research into frequency hopping techniques to optimise spectrum occupancy of large scale deployments. He was also responsible for the design of active multi-coupler systems for co-siting of radiocommunications equipment on various military land-based platforms to minimise inter-system interference and for adaptive antennas for interference mitigation in combat net radio systems.

At ATDI, Cyprien is technical director responsible for the specification, development and management of existing and new products to enhance the company product portfolio. He provides expert support to many spectrum organisations, including Ofcom, ComReg and NPT (Norway) on modern spectrum management across the spectrum from 9kHz to 100GHz.

Cyprien will be joined at ATDI by Philippe Missud, who will be joining the company’s board and providing liaison to ATDI’s continental European partners.

For further information, contact Sarah Sasson, Marketing Manager, ATDI Ltd.

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