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ATDI meets ISO standards again

ATDI meets ISO standards again

ATDI meets ISO standards again

ATDI has been re-certificated as meeting the current ISO 9001 and 27001 standards.

Companies are re-audited every three years and ATDI has been assessed as continuing to achieve the global benchmark for quality management and information security.

“It provides assurance,” says ATDI managing director Sarah Byrne. “It means that it’s not just us saying that our procedures are good and our security is excellent but a very exacting external auditor from a world leading certification body is saying so as well.

“Our customers trust us with sensitive commercial information and, in our work with the armed forces, military information, too. Our professional standards mean there has never been an information breach in the company’s history. It is reassuring to everybody we work with that our perfect track record is reinforced by our continuing to meet the high standards of ISO.”


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