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Beavering away

Beavering away

Beavering away

It’s hard work looking after Beavers but ATDI’s UK office manager Jodie Forrest wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jodie is an assistant leader of Beaver Scouts in her home town of Crawley and says that volunteering brings many rewards, most notably being able to contribute to young peoples’ pleasure and development.

Beaver Scouts are for the youngest members of the scouting family and include boys and girls between six and eight. Jodie’s charges are currently working on their community impact badge with an emphasis on blind people and their support dogs.

“I like volunteering,” Jodie says. “I was a Scout when I was growing up – the Girl Guides didn’t really suit me – so I know what value there is in being in the Scouts. I like seeing the children going from Beavers to Scouts and learning an awareness of the world and a lot of life skills on the way.”

Jodie’s work with the Beavers regularly encompasses some emotional support. “When we go camping, it’s often the first time the Beavers have been away from home and without their mum and dad. You can imagine how that feels.

“But, we do have a lot of fun, whether it’s sport or music or science experiments that end up with exploding foam.”

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