Blast from the past: John Berry | ATDI


Blast from the past: John Berry

Blast from the past: John Berry

Blast from the past: John Berry

Swapping radio waves for people is not as big a step as it may sound.

“They both behave with a certain probability,” says former ATDI managing director John Berry, “You can test both of them and predict outcomes and, if treated right, they’ll both do a great job for you.”

John moved away from the world of engineering and into the realm of human resources when he set up TimelessTime with his wife, Sue. Known for his enthusiasm for staff development while at ATDI, he notes: “There wasn’t really a light bulb moment. I have always believed in striving for excellence in people management. TimelessTime is simply a concentration of that belief.”

Based in the Sussex countryside, the company’s founding principle is that educating, performance managing and supporting staff has a direct and measurable impact on profits. “Small firms are generally not getting as much out of their staff as they can and there’s a huge amount of untapped potential in people. My job now is to show companies how to exploit that.”

Sue is a long-standing HR professional and John, determined to bring something to TimelessTime that complements her skills, signed up for a masters degree in occupational psychology – and exams now loom. “I see it as putting my beliefs into practice,” he says.

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