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Bridges to Beehive in one easy move

Bridges to Beehive in one easy move

ATDI has been on the go for 15 years and now it’s on the move.
At the end of May, the company is uprooting from its base in Three Bridges, Crawley, and relocating to the highly regarded art deco surroundings of The Beehive near the heart of Gatwick Airport.

“Being part of the airport complex gives us great connections,” says ATDI managing director Cyprien de Cosson. “Clearly, the air links are superb but there is also a motorway – the M23 – as well as a train station, bus services and taxis. It could not be better, and is exactly the kind of place we have been looking to find for a long time. We’ve been very fortunate to get this.”

Opened in 1936, The Beehive is the original terminal building for Gatwick Airport. Its architecture and engineering are admired to the extent that it was made a Grade II listed building in 1996. ATDI’s space within it comprises offices and meeting rooms.

“It’s spacious and it’s beautiful,” Cyprien says, “and it meets our needs perfectly. Every company needs to constantly reappraise all its facilities to make sure it is operating at peak efficiency and, obviously, a building is the biggest of all facilities. Giving up our current offices for The Beehive feels to me much like giving up telex for email.

“All I ask is that people don’t hold us to a precise moment we will be in there. With some delicate and secure systems to shift, I’m not committing to a day and time it will all be over. Call it end of May-ish.”

ATDI’s new address is: The Beehive, City Place, Gatwick Airport RH6 0PA. The phone number will remain 01293 522052 and all email addresses are unaffected.

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