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Bringing network harmony to Hanoi

Bringing network harmony to Hanoi

Bringing network harmony to Hanoi

People in Vietnamese capital Hanoi are soon to be able to walk and talk at the same time thanks to ATDI.

The company was commissioned to conduct network optimisation for the City’s mobile phone network, operated by Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Corporation.

Using the company’s flagship planning and modelling tool, ICS telecom, ATDI’s expert team of engineers produced an optimised network enabling maximum service with minimum cost. Work is being carried out in partnership with local company TTCI.

“ATDI is very experienced in this kind of urban modelling task,” notes ATDI Ltd managing director Peter Paul. “And, because no two cities are the same, every project we complete in one place teaches us something we can use in another.  Over the years, we have amassed a very significant knowledge base in this sector.”

In Hanoi, ATDI is testing the whole network looking for ways to improve accessibility to voice and data services and to raise signal quality. The company is also investigating how to expand coverage with addition of new base stations and identifying new methods for lowering interference.

“It’s the kind of challenge we relish,” Peter comments. “A dense urban environment full of obstructing buildings and lots of signals creating potential interference problems along with a couple of million demanding customers using the network…it’s what makes being an engineer so exciting.”

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