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Linking the IOT

The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly connected with the support of ATDI. The National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo) in Australia is now using ATDI’s flagship planning and modeling software tool ICS telecom EV to ensure the effectiveness of networks. Central to NNNCo’s work is LoRaWAN which it uses in a variety of areas. The organization works [...]

Technical support raises service levels

At ATDI, you are more than just a number. The company has launched an improved technical support system which gives customers a personal approach to their issues. Every technical support request from customers now receives an immediate, automatic acknowledgement followed by one of the company’s expert engineers personally taking the issue from start to solution. The system went [...]

ATDI’s final Christmas contribution

ATDI has mounted a month-long Christmas campaign to support veterans in this Armistice centenary year. The company has already distributed sleeping bags and radios to former military personnel living on the streets and has now added to that canes for use by blind veterans. Donated through Blind Veterans UK, the long canes are specifically designed for [...]

The Unknown soldier

The unknown soldier is taking on a new meaning in 2018. Like all rough sleepers, people living on the streets tend to be faceless and nameless to those passing by. The fact there are so many veterans among the ranks of those with no bed and no roof means there are alarming numbers of ex-military personnel [...]

King of all that’s surveyed

Two streams of thought are merging into one knowledge pool as ATDI combines its surveying expertise with that of long-standing partner RSi. “This is not just two heads being better than one,” says ATDI UK managing director Gilles Missud. “This is two companies being mutually supportive and enhancing, and together taking surveying to entirely new standards. “The [...]
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Christmas commemoration

ATDI is confident nobody needs to be told that Christmas is coming. But this Christmas is a special one, coming as it does so soon after the centenary of the Armistice. ATDI has long-standing relationships with the armed forces, so the company’s celebrations and commemorations this year will recognise those relationships and the gratitude we all feel [...]
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ATDI’s enhanced military link

Norway’s military spectrum planners have enhanced their knowledge of interference with the help of ATDI. As the market for frequency resources continues to change, staff from Norwegian military spectrum manager NARFA joined engineers from ATDI to analyse potential interference issues in the X and C bands. “The X band is being opened up to sharing with existing [...]

ATDI appoints new radio communications engineer

ATDI’s new radio communications engineer is a man with a clear head and solid ground under his feet. Ross Davison enjoys the outdoor life and in some spectacular places. Whether it’s snowboarding in Aviemore, cycling by Loch Lomond or hiking in the Trossachs, he’s happiest when he’s enjoying the natural environment a stone’s throw from his [...]
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Connecting more communities

The drive towards greater connectivity for rural communities is being given a boost by a local council using ATDI expertise. North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) is working with mobile phone network operators to improve services for residents and businesses across England’s largest county. The authority says it recognises the importance of delivering jobs and economic growth [...]

ATDI meets ISO standards again

ATDI has transitioned to the latest ISO 9001 standard. Companies are regularly re-audited to ensure they meet the current criteria and ATDI has successfully attained the new 2015 standards; this means it has achieved the most up-to-date version of the global benchmark for quality management. “The ISO certification is a symbol of our commitment to quality,” says [...]