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Latest News


Working with Ofcom

Broadcaster information is now flowing smoothly at the UK spectrum regulator Ofcom thanks to a new database created by ATDI. ATDI won a contract to streamline its central database of all radio and television stations for the UK as well as international coordination. It was a task that required the melding of a disparate range of [...]

ATDI’s Christmas cheer for the vulnerable

The value of a radio to a rough sleeper has been laid out in a BBC documentary. In the programme homeless people in Brighton said that a radio is a wonderful tool to combat the unremitting loneliness of living on the streets. ATDI is helping to relieve that sense of isolation by distributing wind-up radios and torches across the [...]

Bags of cheer

ATDI’s customers have inspired a potentially life-saving Christmas contribution. Instead of Christmas cards or gifts, the company has supplied sleeping bags to rough sleepers in the city with the country’s worst homelessness problem, Brighton. The bags are a premium-quality brand intended to give maximum protection to rough sleepers over the coldest months. They are being distributed throughout [...]

Making connections

ATDI’s relationship with customers in Australia was broadened and deepened through the company’s attendance at the industry event Comms Connect in Melbourne. The company presented the range of its software offering, with a focus on the newly-released ICS telecom EV. “It’s always good to have an opportunity to meet customers face-to-face,” says ATDI spectrum engineer [...]

So here it is….

The festive season is about relationships, be that with family, friends, colleagues or customers. ATDI will be honouring its relationship with you this year by connecting with the community. It means that instead of sending you cards or doing something insubstantial with tinsel, the company will be doing something concrete that will greatly improve the quality of [...]

Smart cities – Singapore

Singapore’s drive to become a truly smart city is being assisted by ATDI. The city-state’s spectrum regulator, IMDA, is part of a coordinated effort to connect and, where appropriate, remotely control local infrastructure. For instance, city authorities are examining the feasibility of smart street lights and some city planners are considering how to incorporate smart city [...]

Making the big mesh

The vast distances and sparse population of rural Australia have been a problem for power companies for centuries. ATDI has helped ease the burdens by assisting in the creation of a smart metering network. Horizon Power, based in Karratha, Western Australia, has a service area of 2.3 million square kilometres with an average of one customer [...]

ATDI shows the Pacific

ATDI’s military and civil planning and modeling capability has been demonstrated across the Pacific. At the Defense And Security exhibition in Bangkok, the company presented its HTZ warfare software suite; the tool is an electronic warfare and tactical network planning solution as well as essential software for military spectrum management. ATDI, headquartered in Paris, had a booth [...]

ITU honors ATDI

ATDI’s contribution to the world’s radio communications has been recognized by the International Telecommunication Union. The organization honored ATDI for the company’s “long-time participation and support to ITU Telecom World events” with a certificate of appreciation presented at ITU Telecom World 2017 at Busan, Korea. “ATDI greatly values being part of the ITU community,” says Jin Hwang, [...]

Managing spectrum in the middle of the ocean

From the vastness of Brazil to isolated island communities, ATDI software is helping spectrum regulators do their job. The latest nation to extend its relationship with ATDI is the Faroe Islands. While the country’s population is tiny – less than 50,000 – the nature of increasing demands being made on spectrum are the same as in [...]