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ATDI’s Christmas cheer for the vulnerable

ATDI’s Christmas cheer for the vulnerable

ATDI’s Christmas cheer for the vulnerable

The value of a radio to a rough sleeper has been laid out in a BBC documentary.

In the programme homeless people in Brighton said that a radio is a wonderful tool to combat the unremitting loneliness of living on the streets.

ATDI is helping to relieve that sense of isolation by distributing wind-up radios and torches across the city as part of its Christmas celebrations.

Brighton has the worst homelessness problem in the country with housing charity Shelter stating that one in 69 people there are without a permanent home. Of those, the ones who sleep on the streets are generally ignored by the rest of the population or, often, subject to abuse.

“It is clear from the BBC programme that the sense of loneliness for them must be terrible,” says ATDI managing director Gilles Missud. ATDI delivered two tranches of radios in Brighton and London during 2016, one to celebrate Christmas and one to mark the company’s 25th anniversary. Charities working with rough sleepers remarked how the radios were all tuned to speech stations, underscoring the desire of rough sleepers to hear a human voice.

ATDI’s gift of radios and sleeping bags to rough sleepers this year is part of the company’s desire to make a measurable contribution to society at Christmas. “We feel that doing something concrete and positive in our customers’ name is the best way to celebrate,” Gilles says.

“And to all our customers, colleagues, friends and partners I want to wish everybody our warmest season’s greetings.”

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