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ATDI strive to continually improve the products and services they provide by working with customers and understanding their expectations and needs.

At ATDI the supply of software solutions is just the beginning of their relationship with their customers.  They endeavour to provide support from the moment the decision is made to purchase their software and throughout its life, delivering competent solutions and peace of mind to customers.

Maintaining and developing strong customer relationships are key to ATDI: customers benefit because products and services are matched as closely to their needs; ATDI gains because feedback from customers shapes every upgrade in the company’s products and every new insight of its engineers.



ATDI offers a host of value-added benefits such as:

Free map downloads
These maps are compatible with ATDI software ICS telecom and HTZ warfare. Resolution and projections differ per country but all maps are royatly free. Keep up with all the latest map data releases via Twitter @ATDI 

Online maps
For full details of which map data types ATDI softwre handles please visit our cartography page.

Customer portal
The ATDI customer portal is available to customers with a valid technical support contract and allows access to unique account-specific information and downloads. For access details please contact your in house Account manager.

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