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Knowing the score on network traffic

Knowing the score on network traffic

Knowing the score on network traffic

Football has helped highlight the pressure on spectrum resources.

Mobile operator EE has released details of data traffic over its network during FA Cup games at Wembley and says volumes have tripled in two years.

In the 2014 FA Cup semi-finals, 3G – mainly HSDPA (downlink) – still accounted for more data than 4G. By the final a month later, LTE accounted for the majority of mobile data use, with uplink (UL) particularly high. A tripling of mobile data use by the 2015 semi-finals was driven by 4G users and to help meet rising demand EE introduced its first 2600 MHz carrier to supplement the 1800 MHz band.

A second 2600 MHz carrier was introduced by the time of this year’s final, adding the full amount of that band acquired in the 2013 auction to the existing 1800 MHz carrier, giving EE 55 MHz of LTE spectrum in total. Early indications are that consumption at the Crystal Palace-Manchester United finals reached 600 GB compared with 200 GB at the 2014 final.

ATDI has a role in EE’s delivery structure in that EE uses planning and modelling tool ICS telecom to ensure its network does not interfere with Primary Surveillance Radar in the adjacent band.

“We can’t claim credit for directly helping the network do its job at Wembley,” says ATDI operations director Paul Grant, “but ICS telecom and ATDI’s engineering expertise is a resource EE relies on for the delivery of its overall package.

“What the figures EE has released show is yet more evidence of how pressure on spectrum resources is growing and how the industry as a whole has to face that challenge. At ATDI, the company has worked on concepts such as spectrum sharing and use of white spaces since its founding 25 years ago. It is gratifying how many organisations across the world have used our expertise to get the maximum out of the frequencies they own.”

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