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Enhanced security for car fleets

Enhanced security for car fleets

Car thieves can run but they can no longer hide.

From fleet operators to private motorists, car owners are being given a new layer of protection from the angst of finding their parking space unexpectedly empty. And for the perpetrators of car crime, the prospect of receiving justice has just got significantly larger.

A new partnership between ATDI and vehicle monitoring company TRACKER means TRACKER’s security net is bigger and better than it has ever been.

To ensure there are no loose threads in its security blanket, TRACKER has bought ATDI’s radio planning and modelling tool ICS Basic along with a consultancy and support package to back it up.

TRACKER’s Paul Grant says “We are constantly upgrading and enhancing what we do, and working with ATDI means we can provide the necessary coverage for our customers. We are very conscious that speed is of the essence in recovering a stolen vehicle and with our ever-improving systems, we can identify each car’s location very quickly.”

TRACKER, has helped recover more than £400 million worth of stolen vehicles since 1993, enabling police to make over 2,000 arrests.

ATDI’s Paul Grant notes the financial constraints on any commercial radio project, and says that ICS Basic’s ability to plan and model coverage has been essential in providing TRACKER with the information it needs on signal strength, base station location and the associated costs.

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