FAQ Friday - April 2016 | ATDI


FAQ Friday – April 2016

FAQ Friday – April 2016

FAQ Friday – April 2016

Sign up to our April User group meeting.

This online session is broken down into two or three 10-minute presentations from an ATDI expert engineer followed by analysis and discussion led by questions from attendees.

Our next event:

Date: Friday 1 April 2016
Time: 12.30 onwards

The subjects covered in this event include:

– How to change map resolutions and using different map layers
– Updating the license dongle
– How to predict visibility coverage
– How to set up the antenna reference to sea level.

Attendees will have an opportunity to vote for the topic of their choice at every session.

Register your interest today. Spaces are limited. Contact  sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk


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