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Farewell to analogue TV

Farewell to analogue TV

Farewell to analogue TV

Farewell to analogueSo farewell, then, analogue television signal.

The final work orders for the end of analogue at the uttermost extremes of the UK were completed in the last few days. It now means there are only 10 types of people in the country – those who understand digital and those who don’t.

There will be nostalgia for analogue in the same way that there remains an anachronistic enthusiasm for vinyl records…and let’s not contemplate the number of people out there who have cassettes and eight-track cartridges.

Clearly, the digital dividend has had a remarkable – indeed, unique – impact on users of the radio spectrum. But, it has also deprived people of huge, box-like televisions that were often set in a cabinet to make them the focal point of the living room. How soon will one of those appear on Antiques Roadshow?

And how many budding engineers had a childhood that included dismantling an old set and being fascinated by the array of valves, magnets and a mammoth cathode ray tube?

So farewell, then, analogue television signal. You brought us so much joy.

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