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Faster on board wifi thanks to ATDI

Faster on board wifi thanks to ATDI

Faster on board wifi thanks to ATDI

Train passengers will soon be able to express themselves properly thanks in part to pioneering work by ATDI.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced this week that high-speed mobile broadband is to be rolled out across the busiest parts of the rail network by 2019. He states that the new system will increase speeds by a factor of 25 compared with the current train-borne WiFi, and says: “This announcement marks the end of poor coverage on our railways.”

The groundwork for the improvement is in a report prepared by ATDI in 2010 which looked at how such services can co-exist in similar spectrum slots around 5GHz with existing systems like radar and radio astronomy.

“Trains pass close to radio telescopes and into the heart of airports,” notes ATDI managing director Peter Paul. “Clearly, it is vital that the broadband signal on board has no impact on the crucial systems outside. What ATDI did in 2010 was to provide four solutions to the problem, two involving filtering and two not, and solutions of that kind have been essential in the current mobile broadband upgrade.”

“When this upgrade is in place, train passengers will have a whole new range of ways to express themselves,” Peter comments. “Not only will they be able to stream films to their iPad, but they will be able to Skype friends and colleagues and even upload the video diary of their journey to YouTube – should they so desire.”

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