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Global Mapper Plug-in update

Global Mapper Plug-in update

Global Mapper Plug-in update

The Global Mapper Plug-in component is now better than ever. The latest version has enhanced facilities and is the perfect tool when users want to import image, terrain and clutter data into ICS telecom, HTZ warfare and ICS designer.

Current licence-holders can step up to the newest version for £99 plus VAT; the upgrade is completed simply by dropping new code into the product directory.

Improvements in the latest version include:

*Geoconv.dll x86/x64 have been updated to support the latest versions of ATDI Tools (ICS telecom, HTZ Warfare etc).
*Added a dialogue that prompts for an ATDI grid code where the projection is not mapped
*Added ability to save and insert into another file.
*Added ATDIIC1PAL.dll that allows imagery with a consistent colour set in a non-palette based file
*New Zealand grids codes fixed
*Support for new grids: Finland TM 35 ETRS89 (EPSG3047), SWEREF99 TM
*Updated user documentation

For new users the ATDI Plug-in can be purchased by contacting The Plug-in is available as both a hard and soft key (which locks the installation to one computer).

Global Mapper also offers OpenStreetmaps as part of its online data sources enabling users to access global streetmap data for free. For more information about the Global Mapper software and the new features of functions of v.16 visit:


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