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Going green (while we still can)

Going green (while we still can)

Human deaths in the billions, irreversible climate change and the curtailing of the Earth’s ability to support life. Wow, sounds like a poster for a straight-to-DVD science fiction film. I wish it was. Unfortunately, it’s the conclusions of the UN’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability in a report delivered at the end of January.

Simply put, the panel – made up of 20 current and former heads of government – says we’re killing ourselves and we cannot go on living this way. The report is stark and talks of  “we are testing the capacity of the planet to sustain us” and that “the current economic model is pushing us inexorably towards the limits of natural resources and planetary life support systems”.

So, time to carry on as before or time to do something about it? ATDI has long been on the side of the solution rather than the problem. We’ve reduced our own carbon footprint to a fingerprint through travel-free webinars and a massive reduction in the volume of paper we produce, and our planning and modelling expertise has facilitated the growth of green energy. How so? Well, wind farms can interfere with radars so there needs to be careful planning and modelling to avoid that…but, hey, you’re brighter and better educated than me so I know you know that.

Now the Ministry of Defence is joining in. A new air defence radar that is not adversely affected by wind farms has been installed and tested on the Norfolk coast, releasing the potential development of 3.3GW of renewable energy nearby. Until recently, the MOD has objected to wind farms located near air defence radars due to the interference caused by the turbine blades. That’s one small step for Man…

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