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The man who wrote the book on spectrum management

The man who wrote the book on spectrum management

The man who wrote the book on spectrum management

A book defining the fundamental principles of the radiocommunication industry has been produced by a senior ATDI engineer.

Titled Radio Spectrum Management: Policies, Regulations and Techniques and published by John Wiley & Sons, it was written by ATDI’s RF Spectrum Manager and Engineering, Dr. Haim Mazar. The book explains in detail what spectrum management entails, why it is important, who regulates spectrum and how spectrum rules are applied and enforced on international, regional and national levels. Due to the proliferation of cellular base stations and wireless fixed installations and the growing concern against electromagnetic fields, a chapter analyses the RF human hazards.

It also offers insights into the engineering, regulatory, economic, legal, management and policy-making aspects involved; real-world case studies are presented to depict the various approaches in different countries. The topics are addressed for engineers, advocates and economists employed by radiocommunications industries, and national and international spectrum regulators. Such a book will assist the RF industry and national agencies, to optimise the RF usage, Haim contends.

He adds: “My purpose in writing this book was to show readers how to efficiently regulate and standardise. I took an international view because the ITU operates globally and, as we all know, radio waves don’t stop at political borders. It was important, then, to consider developed nations and their attitude to new spectrum management practices as well as the situation in other countries. Every market is affected, to one degree or another, by burgeoning technologies such as 5G, WiFi and Short Range Devices. The book looks at how spectrum managers in any market can accommodate both current and new technologies with maximum efficiency.”

Haim joined the ATDI team with more than 45 years of RF experience in the radio communications industry. Having worked in broadcasting, mobile, fixed, radio location and public services, he has made 185 technical contributions to all ITU-R Study Groups.

The book is available at the Wiley website – – at a discount price using the code: ENG4.


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