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Have a drink on us

Have a drink on us

Have a drink on us

Every good company values its customers; ATDI goes one step beyond that by investing in them.

The company’s new Investing In You campaign encompasses ATDI’s celebrated webinar series with the added enhancement of a £5 Costa voucher for customers who have not attended one before – and there’s also a voucher for anyone referring somebody who hasn’t attended one before.

An ATDI webinar is delivered to whatever computer screen people choose and is the easiest way to benefit from the know-how of ATDI’s expert engineers. Customers have regularly expressed their appreciation that the webinars help them understand industry issues and how to get the most out of ATDI tools such as ICS Telecom. Now all that comes with coffee and cake.

Please see the events page for the next available event.

Are you eligible for a voucher? Contact sarah.sasson@atdi.co.uk

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