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Spectrum management tool starts new era

Spectrum management tool starts new era

Spectrum management tool starts new era

Global skills have produced a global solution.

Three ATDI offices have come together to create the next generation of spectrum management software, HTZ Spectrum – the first collaborative system for spectrum management, monitoring and engineering. HTZ Spectrum is a scalable Web application (Intranet or Internet) built on newest open source technologies.

ATDI experts in France, Poland and Canada combined a broad range of resources to produce a tool which will have applications across the commercial, regulatory and military sectors. The starting point for the new product was the platform of 25 years of continuous development on which all ATDI software stands. “Then they added in everything they have learned from every piece of customer feedback in every country in which we operate,” comments ATDI UK operations director Paul Grant. “On top of that came their own original thinking and expertise – and these are some of the brightest and most creative people you could meet.”

HTZ spectrum is fully modular and modules are integrated across HTML, JS and CSS. Delivery will be on Linux or Windows platforms. It is compatible with: ICS manager, ICS telecom, ICS designer and HTZ warfare.

HTZ Spectrum facilitates data sharing, network coverage management and database replication. It can generate a spectrum management database and be used in a Google Earth exchange format. It also has the capacity for users to add various open source technologies such as NodeJS, PHP, and Python.

HTZ Spectrum