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ICS designer gets cloud enhancement

ICS designer gets cloud enhancement

ICS designer gets cloud enhancement

The flexibility of ATDI’s software suite is increasing with a new status for planning and modelling tool, ICS designer.

The system is now only available as a hire option via the company’s online portal, ICS cloud. Existing customers are not affected and will still be able to use ICS designer with a hardware activation dongle, but new users have the convenience of the cloud to access the software.

“It’s about streamlining our portfolio of industry tools,” says ATDI technical director Nick Kirkman, “and constantly making our offering more relevant to our customers’ needs.”

ICS designer will continue to benefit from ATDI’s 25-year-plus software development programme in all formats, meaning all users will experience a supported and enhanced product into the foreseeable future.

Nick adds: “There are many bonuses to ICS designer moving to web-only, and one of them is cost. Being able to hire ICS designer lowers the pricing and simplifies the transaction compared with a permanent licence. That will bring this software into the budget range of a whole new swathe of potential users. In addition, hiring the software for a fixed period means ICS designer can be applied when a project requires it and no longer.

“Overall, the move to the cloud for ICS designer is part of ATDI’s continuous effort to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.”

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