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Taking interference seriously but simply

Taking interference seriously but simply

Taking interference seriously but simply

A down-to-earth approach to waves in the air was appreciated by an audience of radio industry experts.

ATDI technical director Nick Kirkman ran a webinar on the perpetual challenge of interference but, as well as demonstrating a few of functions built into the company’s flagship planning and modelling software ICS telecom to deal with the issue, he adopted a more first-principles method. “It was a session built on the fundamental problems of interference,” Nick notes. “I believe it is a very useful thing to return to the basics now and again and, from the feedback I’ve heard since the webinar, the audience shared my view on that.”

The attendees represented a broad swathe of radiocommunications organisations. Nick outlined to them three types of interference which can affect all spectrum users: that from other users, blocking caused by high power users in adjacent bands and small signal interference caused by a combination of out-of-band and poor selectivity along with intermodulation from the mixing of signals in a non-linear environment.

“These are issues that have been with us throughout the radio age and are an inherent part of all radiocommunication so it is vital they are understood at all levels, from fundamentals up to how ATDI’s software and consultancy services can identify, mitigate and eliminate problems,” Nick comments. “ATDI has been working with these matters since its founding a-quarter-of-a-century ago so our range of software solutions and experience in dealing with them is unparalleled.”

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