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Introducing Nick Kirkman

Introducing Nick Kirkman

ATDI principal engineer Nick Kirkman is a master of the waves – be they radio or ocean.

When Nick is not helping to create and manage radio systems, he can often be found sailing his J80 racing yacht in the open seas off its home port of Lymington in Hampshire.

“It concentrates the mind wonderfully,” Nick says. “I’m conscious that my colleague Peter Paul goes flying and I think that I sail for the same reason: when you’re doing it, it’s all you can think about. You have to focus entirely or you suffer the rather serious consequences. It is fantastically refreshing and fun to pit your sailing skills against other racing competitors.”

Nick has spent much of his life by the sea, having lived and worked in Australia, as well as Ascension Island, Tonga and in various locations across the Caribbean; somewhat closer to home, he has also spent time based in Pembrokeshire, Cornwall and southern Ireland.

Racing craft that have felt his firm hand on the tiller include a 420, an International Contender, an International 14 and a Sigma 33, and he describes his level of success in competition as “middle of the fleet now but around the top 10 in my heyday.” Not bad for a man whose profession is more about tuner than tuna.

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