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Introducing Paul Grant

Introducing Paul Grant

ATDI lead engineer Paul Grant knows all about being good in the air.
As centre-half for Canterbury City reserves, Paul is very experienced in dealing with an aerial problem.

While at 35 he acknowledges that a debut England call-up may be receding into the distance, he recognises the value of passing on knowledge. “The reserve side is about bringing through the youngsters,” Paul says, “with a few of us older heads to show them a few tricks of the trade. I suppose it’s not that different to some of the consultancy work I do with ATDI customers. It’s all about showing people how to get more out of what they have.”

When he’s not at work or on a football pitch, Bexley-born Paul is often found on a golf course. “If anybody’s ever found a better way to switch off, I haven’t seen it,” he comments. Playing off a handicap of 10 at England’s oldest club, the Royal Blackheath, Paul reckons his game is about a friendly round with his mates rather than out-and-out competition. Airwaves and fairways; it’s not a bad life.

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