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Introducing Peter Paul

Introducing Peter Paul

The buzzing noise heard by drivers on the M4 is just the sound of ATDI’s operations director clearing his head.

Peter Paul can often be seen flying his light aircraft along the route of the motorway near his home in Swindon. “It’s not just the freedom of flying,” Peter says, “it’s also the fact that, to fly safely, you have to focus completely on what you are doing and that pushes all other thoughts to one side. I find it all curiously relaxing.”

Peter spent 13 years in the RAF but didn’t start working towards his pilot’s licence until after he left. Now he owns an ARV Super2 that was once a workhorse for land speed pioneer Richard Noble’s company.

“I’m not planning on setting any records myself,” Peter notes. “In fact, sometimes when I’m flying above the motorway I actually have trouble keeping up with the traffic.”

When he’s not flying, Peter spends some of his spare time tackling pub quizzes, which he also finds calming. “Engineers just love to solve a puzzle, and whether it’s in the pub or professionally, finding the answer always makes you smile.”

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