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Introducing Sarah Sasson, ATDI Marketing Manager

Introducing Sarah Sasson, ATDI Marketing Manager

It’s not just the engineers at ATDI who have a passion for things digital. Marketing manager Sarah Sasson shares the view that there’s a digital dividend to be had.

In Sarah’s case, it’s about the power of marketing using the most modern means. “The potential of digital marketing has always excited me,” Sarah says. “It’s fast, it’s specific and it’s useful to the people who get it because it increases the number of options available to them. Its possibilities are endless, which I find fascinating.”

And when she’s not chewing that, she can be found chewing on what’s she’s created in the kitchen. “Cooking is my other passion,” she comments. “Right now, it’s Asian fusion food but next week it could be something entirely different. It’s another aspect of my life with endless possibilities.”

Between the day job, four children, swimming, horseriding and yoga, it’s a surprise Sarah has time to fit in anything else, but she had also managed to gain qualifications in both public relations and digital marketing.

“I’ve never been one for sitting still,” she points out.

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