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ATDI’s family of regulators grows again

ATDI’s family of regulators grows again

ATDI’s family of regulators grows again

The range of regulators relying on ATDI now covers every inhabited continent, every trading bloc, and every political system.

The latest country to take ATDI software and expertise to help it manage its spectrum resources is Iran. “The physics never changes but the politics, market conditions and culture are different in every country,” says ATDI technical director Nick Kirkman. “The fact that we are now working with the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran shows both that we know radio systems like nobody else and that we can adapt to any environment, human or geographic.”

Iranian regulator CRA has bought software tools ICS telecom and ICS manager along with a training programme and ATDI’s assistance in database migration. The new tools and expertise will be used both for ground-based systems and satellite networks.

“We always feel gratified when a regulator turns to us,” Nick says. “The work of all regulators is vital if radio users in their country are to get the service they deserve, so, of course, it is pleasing regulators rely on us to help them deliver it. Then the fact that we have to compete for such work in a public tender process shows there are companies out there a lot more expensive than ATDI.”

In Iran, ATDI is working with its partner Danafan Communications Development to help CRA deliver:

  • Planning and management of radio spectrum
  • Customer application processing
  • Management of frequency assignments
  • International notification and coordination
  • EMC analysis
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