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JRC rules the waves with ICS Manager

JRC rules the waves with ICS Manager

Spectrum management is anything but static.

The fluidity of the business of administering resources means companies are stepping into new territory as they pick up tasks that were traditionally in the realm of regulator Ofcom.

One of the organisations grasping the nettle of new ways of working is the Joint Radio Company (JRC). Having been in the business of frequency management since 1955, it is now helping its members in new areas by taking on the management of licences, too. JRC not only looks after the licensing of its membership but also manages their frequency assignments as well, creating a model for how a company rather than a regulator should handle licensing.

“We operate like a spectrum sharing club. We sit between Ofcom and our clients and our biggest challenge is to ensure the needs of both sides are met,” says JRC spectrum management consultant Simon Parsons. “We have been working with our clients and Ofcom for many years and this means we can link them via a familiar, friendly face. Everything works more efficiently that way.”

To ensure a peak of that efficiency, JRC is consolidating its databases with ATDI’s ICS Manager. This system brings together data from disparate sources and presents that information via a user-friendly interface. This is an extension of JRC’s involvement with ATDI tools as it is a long-standing user of planning and modelling software ICS Telecom.

“Because of Ofcom’s changes, we are having to expand our services, adding new levels of complication,” Simon notes. “The situation with licences alone is complex; we not only deal with other people’s licences but buy our own licences and buy licences on behalf of clients; in many cases our clients are also sharing these licences. Keeping tabs on all that is very taxing, and without a proper information management system we would never be able to offer the levels of service we would like to provide.”

ATDI managing director Cyprien de Cosson adds: “ICS Manager is specifically designed for the kind of density of information that JRC is having to deal with. It manages sites, equipment, licenses and fees to spectrum assignments and allotments and is particularly valuable when information is coming in from many sources and needs collating into a coherent whole.”

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