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Keeping radio on the rails

Keeping radio on the rails

ATDI’s work in helping to keep rail passengers safe has been noted in the House of Lords.

The Lords have been discussing the release of spectrum in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands and have been and debating how to instruct regulator Ofcom to handle these new resources. Lords of all parties are agreed that this liberalisation comes in the context of the economic and social imperative for the UK to ensure mobile broadband services are as fast as possible.

In the last debate on the issue before Christmas, Lord Berkeley noted that the 900 MHz spectrum which may be used by rail passengers making calls and accessing the internet abuts the frequencies used by train drivers communicating with signallers.

He said that rail infrastructure company Network Rail was now relying on ATDI to carry out the planning and modelling essential to identifying areas where interference between these two uses of spectrum occurs.

ATDI managing director Cyprien de Cosson comments: “This is an extremely important responsibility and we are proud to have been entrusted with it.”

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