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Keeping the lights on

Keeping the lights on

Keeping the lights on

Knowledge is power: ATDI’s training of staff at electricity distribution network operator UK Power Networks could potentially help ensure the lights stay on.

A UK Power Networks project manager recently completed a training course for ATDI’s software tool ICS telecom EV. His training both advanced his study with the Open University and informed UK Power Networks with regards to the potential of enhancing its radio communication systems.

ICS telecom EV is in use across the radio communications industry and is the tool of choice for the UK’s utility companies as well as the national utility regulator JRC. Its popularity is based on its accuracy and effectiveness and the fact that it is available as a hire option, which gives users short-term flexibility and a cost-effective alternative to purchase.

For UK Power Networks, it was a part of pre-market information gathering for radio-based options for replacing an aging packet data M2M system approaching obsolescence. The increasing costs of maintenance for the technology and the desire for enhanced capabilities is also spurring the company to consider a more modern replacement.

UK Power Networks’ current M2M network is used for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) which allows remote gathering of power network asset data and for control switching of systems such as circuit breakers to ensure customers remain supplied.

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