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ATDI appoints new radio communications engineer

ATDI appoints new radio communications engineer

ATDI appoints new radio communications engineer

ATDI’s new radio communications engineer is a man with a clear head and solid ground under his feet.

Ross Davison enjoys the outdoor life and in some spectacular places. Whether it’s snowboarding in Aviemore, cycling by Loch Lomond or hiking in the Trossachs, he’s happiest when he’s enjoying the natural environment a stone’s throw from his native Glasgow.

“It helps keep you rooted and it clears the mind,” Ross comments. “I love to be active outside and if I ever need a space in which to work through a problem, being out on my bike generally does it.”

Professionally, Ross stands on a platform of academic achievement. ATDI managing director Gilles Missud says: “Ross has studied continuously from university to today and that will continue to be the case. It means he has a level of knowledge and expertise that makes him remarkably versatile when dealing with complex problems in any given environment. The ATDI team will feel the benefits of his expertise as will our customers.”

Ross previously worked with energy company SSE, network planning the companies roll-out of high bandwidth fixed links into substations. Before that, he worked on communications technology at engineering and project management company Atkins. “Coming to ATDI is truly exciting,” Ross notes. “I know everybody says that when moving to a new job, but the breadth of the company’s scope, the 30 years of history, the range of customers from regulators to local councils makes this a world of possibility for me.”

Gilles adds: “ATDI has always worked as a team, with every member reinforcing every other. Ross is a man who has already fitted in and has seamlessly added his skills to those of our existing team.”

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