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ATDI’s enhanced military link

ATDI’s enhanced military link

ATDI’s enhanced military link

Norway’s military spectrum planners have enhanced their knowledge of interference with the help of ATDI.

As the market for frequency resources continues to change, staff from Norwegian military spectrum manager NARFA joined engineers from ATDI to analyse potential interference issues in the X and C bands.

“The X band is being opened up to sharing with existing microwave users,” says ATDI Operations Director Paul Grant, “so the military can use it as well, so NARFA needs to understand where they can use the spectrum without causing harmful interference to existing users.”

The training session, run by Paul alongside ATDI lead engineer Alex Krasnojen, used the company’s flagship planning and modelling tool HTZ warfare to address a variety of scenarios including microwave links, satellite communications, LTE and radar.

“The task facing NARFA is not straightforward,” Paul adds. “There is plenty to consider when you are looking at what can be put where in the spectrum.”

“But, it remains satisfying to us that ATDI is trusted with matters of national security such as this. We have a long-standing relationship with NARFA which has produced outstanding results in all areas in which we have worked together.”

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