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ATDI’s final Christmas contribution

ATDI’s final Christmas contribution

ATDI’s final Christmas contribution

ATDI has mounted a month-long Christmas campaign to support veterans in this Armistice centenary year.

The company has already distributed sleeping bags and radios to former military personnel living on the streets and has now added to that canes for use by blind veterans. Donated through Blind Veterans UK, the long canes are specifically designed for the visually impaired and they help their user to navigate obstacles and identify hazards. The charity says that the canes contribute to giving blind veterans both confidence and a sense of independence.

“It’s another way in which we are trying to enhance the lives of those who have served their country,” says ATDI UK managing director Gilles Missud. “ATDI has a relationship with the armed forces that goes back to the company’s inception three decades ago, so we have more understanding than most of the challenges veterans face. We were very clear this year that we wanted to give the whole of our Christmas campaign a theme that has helped those who have served their country.”

Blind Veterans UK deals with ex-military personnel who have lost their sight for any reason. Some veterans became blind due to the diseases and medical conditions to which everybody in society is susceptible. Others, of course, lost their sight during the course of their service.

“We salute them all,” Gilles says, “and are delighted ATDI has been able to recognise their service and help them in the aftermath of it.”


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