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King of all that’s surveyed

King of all that’s surveyed

King of all that’s surveyed

Two streams of thought are merging into one knowledge pool as ATDI combines its surveying expertise with that of long-standing partner RSi.

“This is not just two heads being better than one,” says ATDI UK managing director Gilles Missud. “This is two companies being mutually supportive and enhancing, and together taking surveying to entirely new standards.

“The importance of accurate surveying – of knowing precisely what signal strengths are where – cannot be over-stated. Every operator needs to know exactly the state of coverage in any given area, and that is what ATDI is now capable of achieving better than ever before.

RSi founder Ed Douglas adds: “Surveying is increasingly in demand. All companies must meet the standards of service set by Ofcom, of course, but the requirements go even further than that. Customers, from individuals to organizations, demand the levels of service that help them live and do business.”

Accurate surveying saves time and money throughout a network’s lifecycle. In the planning stages, surveying means network planners identify exactly the correct number of base stations. Gilles notes: “Under-provision of base stations results in unhappy customers and that leads to more costs in the longer term, while over-provision is, clearly, just a waste of resources.”

Surveying also provides an ability to gauge likely speeds customers will receive, a factor which is of great interest to end-users, to Ofcom and to advertising watchdogs. “Basically, surveying allows you to continuously monitor what is happening in real time,” Gilles comments. “That means you can validate work that has been completed. For all network providers and operators, it is essential they can prove that they did what they said they would do and accurate surveying provides that.”

In addition, surveys are vital in terms of network acceptance in that operators will not pay for a network that falls short of the specification they asked for; part of accepting a network is having a survey which provides proof of the system’s capabilities.

Gilles continues: “ATDI is very proud of the quality of its surveying.  Our expertise has broadened and deepened to the extent that we can now confidently say that we are a one-stop shop. Part of achieving that has involved working with RSi, who we have known since the 1990s, who enhance what we do. Two flexible, agile, independent companies can achieve so very much together and it’s our pleasure to work with such capable partners.”

Check out ATDI’s latest white paper on mobile not-spot coverage.

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